Pop a Facebook Chat in your Chrome browser

April 18, 2014 utilities 

There is no going back now that Facebook has taken out your favourite chat popup from its native app. You either have to install a standalone Messenger app on your mobile device or just do without... read more

Lenovo Flexes another 2

April 18, 2014 lenovo 

If you are aware late last year, Lenovo launched its Flex series of laptops locally. Less than a year and the company has already upgraded this series to Flex 2. As you can guess from its name,... read more

LG next G3 coming soon

April 17, 2014 lg 

Just like its close competition Samsung, LG is also wont to put out fresh flagships every year or lesser. This week some major tech site in the US got wind that LG will be releasing the G3 in the... read more

Remotely connect PC with this new Android app

April 17, 2014 apps 

Good news for lazy people who want to control their PC from their Android phone or tablet. This week Google is releasing an Android app that can do just that. Before using this app, you have to... read more

Get Microsoft Office 365 Personal subscription if you want to edit in Office for iPad

April 17, 2014 utilities 

Those of you who downloaded Office for iPad will realise by now that if you do not have an Office 365 subscription, all you can do with that app is view your documents. This week you can change... read more

Samsung Gear smartwatches can now work with 20 Galaxy devices

April 16, 2014 samsung 

The latest update from Samsung's official blog concerning the once rather limited compatibility of its Gear smartwatches with other devices is that from the middle of this April onwards, the Gear... read more

Gmail can access Google+ photos now

April 16, 2014 apps 

This week Google has updated the ever popular Gmail. We all have known and have been using the Insert Photo button in our Gmail accounts to embed or insert pictures, usually from a folder in our... read more

Google Helpouts available for iOS now

April 16, 2014 apps 

Last year in November Google introduced a special feature for its Hangout function, called Helpouts. It was available only to Android devices. This week iOS users on iPhone and iPad will be able to... read more

ASUS ZenFone Launch: Everything You Need To Know

April 16, 2014 asus 

In a grand event held in Jakarta, ASUS has officially launched the ZenFone series for the Southeast Asian market. The trio of devices leading this new line up are the ZenFone 4, ZenFone 5 and... read more

Microsoft puts more Office Online

April 15, 2014 utilities 

We bet that most of you do not realise that you can view and edit your Office documents online these days. There are two ways to do this: via a website and via a Chrome extension if using Chrome... read more

Bigger Moto X available now

April 15, 2014 motorola 

The Moto G made by Motorola, which belongs to Google now, has been lauded much in the press. It was recently launched here in Malaysia. This week local retailer IMCC is bringing in the next Moto,... read more

Microsoft micros its Surface soon?

April 14, 2014 microsoft 

Some time back Microsoft sort of relented and allowed Windows tablet makers to reduce the size of their display. So far a few makers like Dell and Acer have taken advantage of this and come up with... read more

Nokia X Review

April 14, 2014 nokia 

Nokia X Android – The Nokia Version After trying various means and methods of capturing back the glory days, Nokia has finally succumbed to the global calling of Android. Diehard fanboys... read more

World's lightest waterproofed Sony Xperia Z2 selling now

April 14, 2014 sony 

Fans of Sony tablets can never say anything bad about the Xperia range of tablets. So far, fair to them, these devices have always come up tops in most areas, like the ultra slimness and the... read more

Update your Nokia Asha OS to 1.4 now

April 11, 2014 utilities 

For those of you who have purchased any of the Nokia Asha devices like 500, 501, 502, 503, 230, you will be getting a push notification to update to the latest Software Platform 1.4. If you still... read more

Samsung Galaxy S5 selling 11th April!

April 11, 2014 samsung 

For those of you Samsung fans who cannot wait to upgrade your Galaxy S devices once or twice a year, here's the chance to do it now at these venues: Either head towards any of Samsung's Elite... read more

Celcom Launches Loyalty Programs with Instant Rewards

April 10, 2014 celcom 

 Celcom Axiata Berhad has launched three loyalty programs, namely Club Celcom First, XClub and FRENZ Club to enhance the overall customer experience by providing instant rewards and more... read more

Dropbox's Mailbox out on Android now

April 10, 2014 apps 

Remember quite some time back when the Mailbox app first made a showing? Those awesome swipe features then created so much buzz that there was a tremendously long waiting list in order to get an... read more

Facebook to phase out embedded chat

April 10, 2014 apps 

Those of us who have been so used to chatting with Facebook friends using the embedded chat feature inside the Facebook app will have to look elsewhere to continue chatting, like to the standalone... read more

HP Slate 6 VoiceTab available now online only

April 9, 2014 hp 

For this new phablet from HP, the company is not making any big hoo-haa over its local release here. But we think it is a big deal to sell a 6-inch phablet for just a little below a thousand... read more

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