Acer Liquid E3 available now

July 22, 2014 acer 

One of Acer's highlights at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona this year, the Acer Liquid E3 is now here in Malaysia. The E3 sports a wide viewing angle 4.7-inch HD IPS display,and is as... read more

Sony Walkman lives on after 35 years in new ZX1

July 22, 2014 sony 

The Sony Walkman is 35 years old, and it has survived many audio upheavals and innovations, from its initial cassette format right up to the CD revolution. Sony has yet another brand new design for... read more

Stop Missing Out BlackBerry's Campaign

July 22, 2014 blackberry 

BlackBerry is running a “Stop Missing Out Campaign” up till 21st August 2014. All you do is take a photo with your BlackBerry device and send it to If... read more

World's first holographic smartphone is coming

July 21, 2014 others 

April Fool is over months ago and we don't believe this is a joke or hoax, but some company called ShenZhen Estar Displaytech Co., Ltd. in China has apparently built a phone which can create... read more

iOS & Android users can listen to Nokia MixRadio soon

July 21, 2014 apps 

If you own a Nokia Asha or a Windows phone, you would be familiar with Nokia's MixRadio feaure in the music app. Used to be called just Nokia Music, it allows you to access any music online and... read more

Microsoft to shift Nokia X to Windows Phone

July 18, 2014 nokia 

A lot of people who were excited in February this year about Nokia using a version of Android to run its Nokia X series of budget smartphones are going to be let down with this latest news. It has... read more

Samsung lowers prices for some Galaxy devices

July 18, 2014 samsung 

There is more to celebrate the Hari Raya this month. Samsung Malaysia has decided to lower the prices of some of its popular Galaxy models. Take a look at these new prices and make a beeline to... read more

These apps are inspired by Yo

July 18, 2014 apps 

Yo is one of the most ridiculous apps we have encountered. In spite of this, Yo has inspired other similar apps as well. It is up to you to adopt them into your mobile device. It's not that we... read more

BlackBerry has its own voice assistant now

July 18, 2014 blackberry 

It's about time now. BlackBerry has got its own version of Siri or Cortana or Google Voice. But unlike the others, BlackBerry did not invent some colourful name for it, calling it just BlackBerry... read more

LG reveals G3 Beat

July 18, 2014 lg 

After all the rumours about a mini version of LG's G3, it is finally and officially out of the bag. LG has officially announced the G3 Beat, a cheaper or mid-range version of the G3. It retains... read more

HTC One M8's Dot View case software updated

July 17, 2014 htc 

HTC's Malaysia Facebook page has announced a new software update for the Dot View case for its HTC One M8. The case uses a dot matrix design to show status and notifications when its flip cover... read more

Which Lumia devices are getting this Cyan upgade?

July 17, 2014 microsoft 

According to Nokia's global support software update page, for Malaysia they have listed only Lumia 625 and 925 as confirmed getting this update. The rest of the other Lumia models are listed as... read more

Apple partners with IBM to sell to businesses

July 16, 2014 buzz 

Once staunch enemies in the computer hardware field in their early days, today Apple one the world's biggest tech companies and IBM formerly the prime suppliers of business computers to companies... read more

Microsoft Windows 8.1 rolling out!

July 16, 2014 microsoft 

Microsoft has started rolling out its latest Windows Phone 8 update on 15th July in the US, and for Malaysians here it is from today the 16th. But if you are checking your Windows Phone and you... read more

Want to be a beta OneNote tester or just offer improvements suggestions?

July 14, 2014 apps 

It looks like you can join some Google+ community if you want to become a beta tester for some upcoming upgrades to the OneNote app for Android. Join this community called OneNote for Android... read more

Xiaomi mi 4 coming soon?

July 14, 2014 xiaomi 

It looks like it, as we saw this in Xiaomi’s Google+ post that went: “The journey of a piece of steel metal” – Coming to you on July 22 at our 2014 Xiaomi Annual New Product Launch Event . What do... read more

LG G3 mini to Beat

July 14, 2014 lg 

Like all the Samsung and its ilk, when one comes up with a device of original size, there will surely follow a downsized version. And this appears to be true also for LG's G 3. The much rumoured... read more

More Google updates coming your way soon

July 11, 2014 apps 

So what if the news that Apple is dropping Google Maps and re-instating its now improved Apple Maps. Google is now rolling out its re-vamped Google Maps for desktop, so that soon you can click and... read more

How to shoot back and front photos at the same time with your phone

July 11, 2014 buzz 

Here are some cool apps that let you take both normal photo and selfie, all at the same time: Dblcam iOS Free Dblcam or “Double Cam” will let your snap pictures from the front and back... read more

Let It Goat, the new Flappy Bird sensation

July 11, 2014 games 

Instead of waiting forever for Flappy Bird to officially get back to us, why not give this new Flappy Bird replacement a go? Like most of the other Flappy Bird imitations, Let It Goat is also a... read more

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