Google has a smarter Inbox

October 23, 2014 google 

It goes without saying that all of us own a Gmail address, and most of us naturally access our emails on Google's Gmail on the web browser or its app on our mobile devices. Is it time we all... read more

Bigger Galaxy Nook unveiled

October 23, 2014 samsung 

Early this year Samsung worked with Barnes & Noble to build an ebook reader running on Android, called the Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK 7.0. As you can tell, it is a 7-in incher. Now, they have got... read more

Affordable 4G connecting Samsung Galaxy Ace Style

October 21, 2014 samsung 

If you're hankering to connect to connect to fast 4G connection but are put off having to purchase beyond your budget, here is one very affordable device to consider - the Samsung Galaxy Ace Style.... read more

Microsoft launching wearable soon

October 21, 2014 microsoft 

Finally, Microsoft has seen fit to release its own wearable soon. It may not be a smartwatch, though. As with the current trend of fitness wearables these days, it could well be some form of a... read more

Lumia Denim Update coming last week October

October 20, 2014 microsoft 

While iPad and iPhone users are prepping to update to the new iOS this 20 October, Lumia owners are also expecting their own Windows Phone update by the last week of October. Called the Lumia... read more

Apple rolling out iOS 8.1 on 20 October

October 20, 2014 apple 

As promised, Apple is starting to roll out its next major iOS upgrade, version 8.1 on 20 October. It is today, yes, but for Malaysian owners of devices running iOS, it will be after midnight on... read more

Older iPads drop in pricing now

October 17, 2014 apple 

Now that Apple in the US has announced the new iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, as follows the Apple tradition every year upon new releases and upgrades, the prices of iexisting iPads are immediately... read more

New iPad Air 2 and mini 3 with Touch ID unveiled

October 17, 2014 apple 

Yesterday Apple unveiled its latest iPad, the iPad Air 2. The original Air is already thin and narrow with slim bezels. So, are there anything new this year? Well, yes, as the thinnest has... read more

Samsung Gear S smartwatch coming this November to Malaysia

October 17, 2014 samsung 

The Samsung Gear S is one wearable which differs from all the other Gear smartwatches. While those have to be tethered to a Samsung device or phone, this one has a built-in 3G. Naturally the watch... read more

Nexus 9 is the new tablet

October 16, 2014 google 

For the new tablet, Google has HTC build its new Nexus 9. Typical of HTC design, the new tablet in white, black or gold has brushed metal sides and a 8.9-inch screen, together with front speakers,... read more

Nexus 6 is gigantic

October 16, 2014 google 

Google has unveiled a a new Nexus smartphone, or rather a phablet, built with the help of Motorola. And some people are already calling it gigantic, if you can call an already big device like a... read more

Android popping a brand new Lollipop

October 16, 2014 google 

This the latest Android from Google was first unveiled at the Google I/O. As per Google's tradition, it is named after a confectionery. Called Lollipop this time for Android 5, it is deemed... read more

Sony Xperia M2 goes Aqua

October 15, 2014 sony 

This version of the Xperia M2 looks much like the normal M2, but with a difference. From the word Aqua you will have guessed correctly that this midrange phone from Sony is waterproofed. Aside... read more

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Roadshows

October 15, 2014 samsung 

Update: The Galaxy Note 4 is priced at RM2,499. This Friday you will be able to get your hands on Samsung's new Galaxy Note 4 in Malaysia. Available in Charcoal Black, Frost White, and Bronze... read more

More Yoga from Lenovo

October 14, 2014 lenovo 

By the way, Lenovo also launched a Yoga 3 Pro version. Because it runs Intel’s new Core M processor, it gets to be thinner and lighter. Together with that, it has a 13.3-inch 3200 x 1800 QHD+ touch... read more

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro can project images

October 14, 2014 lenovo 

Lenovo has put in a pico projector into the kickstand's hinge of its Yoga Tablet 2 Pro. As a Yoga device, it can transform into Hold, Tilt, Stand and the Hang mode, the last for hanging on a wall.... read more

Meizu MX4 coming soon

October 14, 2014 meizu 

Here's some news about this brand new device coming from Meizu. Its new flagship, the Meizu MX4 has already received about 7.7 million pre-orders worldwide for the 16GB at USD449, and the 32GB one... read more

Lenovo brings in YOGA Tablet 10 FHD and Miix 2

October 13, 2014 lenovo 

Lenovo is bringing into Malaysia the YOGA Tablet 10 FHD and the Miix 2 tablet. As expected the YOGA Tablet 10 FHD can be transformed into three modes. It features a full HD 1920×1200 10-inch... read more

Sony launched Xperia E3 in Malaysia

October 13, 2014 sony 

Not all Xperia ranges from Sony are that highly priced, as we see from the latest offering by way of the new Sony Xperia E3. For the affordable price of just RM659, it will get you some... read more

YotaPhone launched in Malaysia

October 10, 2014 yotaphone 

Today the two-display YotaPhone has been launched in Malaysia. On the front of the device you get the normal 4.3-inch IPS 1280x720 342ppi display, while at the back you get another 4.3-inch e-ink... read more

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