Oppo now selling N1 Mini

July 30, 2014 oppo 

Oppo Malaysia has released into the local market the mini version of their N1 smarphone. The cheaper version at RM1398 has a smaller a 5-inch 720p display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.6GHz... read more

Facebook phasing out embedded Messenger

July 30, 2014 buzz 

If you have been lazy to download and install the standalone Messenger app, get ready to do so soon, as Facebook is rolling out a major update to remove Messenger within the Facebook app in Android... read more

Microsoft coming out with selfie and budget phones soon

July 30, 2014 microsoft 

Following other companies who put out selfie-specific phones, like Sony's Xperia C3, Microsoft is also jumping into this bandwagon. Beside this, the company will also be putting out yet another... read more

Microsoft universal Windows apps will work across all Windows devices

July 25, 2014 microsoft 

Microsoft has announced that it is introducing universal Windows apps. A universal app applies the same principle as for iOS, where a universal iOS app will adjust its UI according to iPhone,iPad... read more

Apple to work with Swatch and other watchmakers on iWatch

July 25, 2014 apple 

Swatch is one of the biggest Swiss watch makers and they specialise in mostly affordable watches in plastic designs. There is news that this Swiss company is joining forces with Apple to come up... read more

New Nokia Lumia 530 unveiled

July 24, 2014 nokia 

Yet another Lumia device,this time it looks like an entry level device. The new Nokia Lumia 530 comes with a choice of single or dual SIM. The processor is quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 and... read more

Zopo Mobile phones has zipped into Malaysia

July 24, 2014 zopo 

A new Chinese company is poised to do very well in our market soon, but will it match the immense popularity of another compatriot Xiaomi? It's still too soon to say. What this Shenzen based... read more

Nokia XL Review

July 24, 2014 nokia 

 Bigger Is Not Always Better The name itself gives its true purpose away. The Nokia XL is your average Android-running -Nokia dipped in Stretchy Sauce. Announced 5 months ago in MWC along with... read more

Xiaomi's first wearable Mi Band

July 23, 2014 xiaomi 

At the same launch of its next flagship device is also the launch of Xiaomi's first wearable, the Mi Band, a fitness and sleep tracker. The colourful Mi Band is IP67 water and dust resistance, as... read more

Xiaomi launches new flagship Mi 4

July 23, 2014 xiaomi 

Just like a Samsung move, Chinese company is also doing a precipitate upgrade of their last flagship device the Mi 3. It has just announced the next flagship, the Mi 4. The 149g and 6.7mm Mi 4 has... read more

Acer Liquid E3 available now

July 22, 2014 acer 

One of Acer's highlights at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona this year, the Acer Liquid E3 is now here in Malaysia. The E3 sports a wide viewing angle 4.7-inch HD IPS display,and is as... read more

Sony Walkman lives on after 35 years in new ZX1

July 22, 2014 sony 

The Sony Walkman is 35 years old, and it has survived many audio upheavals and innovations, from its initial cassette format right up to the CD revolution. Sony has yet another brand new design for... read more

Stop Missing Out BlackBerry's Campaign

July 22, 2014 blackberry 

BlackBerry is running a “Stop Missing Out Campaign” up till 21st August 2014. All you do is take a photo with your BlackBerry device and send it to http://www.stopmissingout.com.my. If... read more

World's first holographic smartphone is coming

July 21, 2014 others 

April Fool is over months ago and we don't believe this is a joke or hoax, but some company called ShenZhen Estar Displaytech Co., Ltd. in China has apparently built a phone which can create... read more

iOS & Android users can listen to Nokia MixRadio soon

July 21, 2014 apps 

If you own a Nokia Asha or a Windows phone, you would be familiar with Nokia's MixRadio feaure in the music app. Used to be called just Nokia Music, it allows you to access any music online and... read more

Microsoft to shift Nokia X to Windows Phone

July 18, 2014 nokia 

A lot of people who were excited in February this year about Nokia using a version of Android to run its Nokia X series of budget smartphones are going to be let down with this latest news. It has... read more

Samsung lowers prices for some Galaxy devices

July 18, 2014 samsung 

There is more to celebrate the Hari Raya this month. Samsung Malaysia has decided to lower the prices of some of its popular Galaxy models. Take a look at these new prices and make a beeline to... read more

These apps are inspired by Yo

July 18, 2014 apps 

Yo is one of the most ridiculous apps we have encountered. In spite of this, Yo has inspired other similar apps as well. It is up to you to adopt them into your mobile device. It's not that we... read more

BlackBerry has its own voice assistant now

July 18, 2014 blackberry 

It's about time now. BlackBerry has got its own version of Siri or Cortana or Google Voice. But unlike the others, BlackBerry did not invent some colourful name for it, calling it just BlackBerry... read more

LG reveals G3 Beat

July 18, 2014 lg 

After all the rumours about a mini version of LG's G3, it is finally and officially out of the bag. LG has officially announced the G3 Beat, a cheaper or mid-range version of the G3. It retains... read more

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