Microsoft launched affordable Surface 3

April 1, 2015 microsoft 

Finally instead of yet another Surface Pro that most of us cannot afford, Microsoft has come up with a new Surface 3 which is very much affordable to the rest of us. At a starting pricing of... read more

Microsoft unveiled new browser Spartan

March 31, 2015 utilities 

Microsoft has introduced to the press and the world at large a brand new web browser. Tentatively named Spartan, the name indicates its minimalist design. Like the browser Internet Explorer it... read more

HTC One E9+

March 30, 2015 htc 

HTC has unveiled a brand new smartphone, or rather, a phablet, as the display size is 5.5 inches. The new 7.49mm thick HTC One E9+ has arrived, but at the moment, only in China first. As... read more

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro has more hinges, more display modes

March 27, 2015 lenovo 

It has been quite a long wait for Lenovo to finally upgrade its popular Yoga 2 Pro. In Golden, Orange Clementine and Light Silver, the new Yoga 3 Pro is now here, and it sports an Intel's new Core... read more

Instagram lets you collage with new Layout app

March 25, 2015 apps 

You, I and everybody else in the world have probably taken photos with Instagram before. If you're looking to combine them into a whole, the makers of Instagram have come up with yet another... read more

New game phenomenon Mr. Jump

March 24, 2015 games 

Move over, Flappy Bird. Make way for the latest gaming phenomenon, called Mr. Jump. Created by a young (as in below 30 years old) team of three, headed by co-founder Jérémie Francone, in just 2... read more

Most affordable Lumia 430

March 23, 2015 microsoft 

Microsoft is striving to make its Lumia line of smartphones accessible to the low-end or budget market with its most affordable device yet, the Lumia 430. At only the equivalent of USD70, you can... read more

Yahoo to implement on-demand passwords

March 19, 2015 others 

Yahoo is implementing a new way for its US users to enter their passwords into their email accounts. Called on-demand passwords or rather pass odes, the user will never have to remember his... read more

Vivo X5Max is the thinnest

March 18, 2015 vivo 

Another day, another appearance of yet another smartphone emerging from China. This time, it is the turn of a company named Vivo. Vivo has just announced that it will be launching into the local... read more

Swatch watch with NFC coming soon

March 17, 2015 swatch 

The young and trendy who prefer strapping on plastic watches the likes of Swiss watch giant Swatch will be in for a treat soon. Rather than relying solely on colourful designs on mainly plastic... read more

BlackBerry unveiled upcoming new tablet SecuTablet

March 16, 2015 blackberry 

BlackBerry hasn't completely given up on tablets, not since its last foray into this type of device. A couple of years back, in 2011, the company decided to go with the flow and came up with its... read more

Olympus Stylus SH-2 looks old style but has new features

March 12, 2015 olympus 

Even though these days you find a camera lens in any smartphone, the standalone camera is still not phased out altogether yet. Camera maker Olympus has just unveiled its latest point and shoot... read more

Asus ZenFone 2 coming soon

March 11, 2015 asus 

Asus has unveiled a brand new flagship, the ZenFone 2. Some of the highlights of this range of four models of ZenFone are the Intel Atom CPU and a huge 4 GB RAM for one model. The range starts... read more

Apple Watch is launched

March 10, 2015 apple 

Apple has unveiled its Apple Watch. If and when it is available here locally not via grey importers you will be able to get it for the equivalent of USD549 up to USD1049, depending on the type of... read more

Sony Xperia M4 Aqua

March 6, 2015 sony 

Most of the models in the Xperia range look similar in design, and that's no different with the new M4 Aqua. The exception here is that this model is all plastic. And that makes it very light into... read more

Nokia N1 looks like iPad mini

March 5, 2015 nokia 

On first look, the new and small tablet from Nokia resembles in lots of ways to the iPad mini, especially the 4:3 aspect of the screen. It's even manufactured by Foxconn, which also makes Apple... read more

BlackBerry to Leap into youth market

March 4, 2015 blackberry 

BlackBerry is now aiming for the younger market, especially those in professional positions, with the brand new Blackberry Leap. The Leap is running BlackBerry's own 10.3.1 operating system. With... read more

Lucky dips at Acer Bonanza

March 3, 2015 acer 

If you've just purchased any Acer notebooks, desktops, All-In-Ones (AIOs), smartphones, projectors or monitor between 26 February to 29 March 2015 from participating authorised Acer retailers, you... read more

HTC One M9

March 2, 2015 htc 

The next HTC One is here, and the makers have monickered it M9. It is brand new, for sure, but you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference from just a mere glance, of either the real deal or from... read more

CES 2015 Early Highlights

January 7, 2015 tech 

 The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 actually only began less than a day ago. Set up in a sprawling 2.2 million net square feet of exhibit space in Las Vegas, the show plays... read more

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